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The Kimpton Stay Human Project


Explore Similarities While Embracing Differences

Today’s world is more fast-paced than ever before. We’re more connected, but somehow disconnected from each other.

We want to discover what it means to be human and what common threads bind us in similarity even as we celebrate our differences. After all, that’s what Toronto is all about.

During your stay, you’ll have the oppprtunity to participate in a series of activities in the room that will help us explore what humanity – in Toronto – means to you. Kimpton Saint George Hotel embodies a local approach, seamlessly integrating elements of Toronto’s culture and personality. Throughout this room, there are gentle nods to the city that will provide you with a distinct sense of place. With the Stay Human Project, an authentic and unique guest experience awaits.

We hope you’ll engage in at least three activities during the stay, but you can do as many as you’d like! You don’t need to do anything to prepare before you start exploring the prompt cards and activities, except think about what being human means to you.

Book Your Stay: Available July 1 – September 30, 2019

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